The Transport Group aims to encourage sustainable transport in and around Chepstow by providing information to people about alternative forms of transport to those that use oil and pollute the environment.

It achieves this by working as a satellite group for Transition Chepstow,

We meet regularly to discuss ongoing projects such as:

1. A walking/ cycling map of Chepstow showing cut thrus quicker ways to get to work than using a car.

Transport map

2. Working with Better 4 Trains to improve the local rail network so that more people can commute directly from Chepstow to large conurbations such as Bristol.

3. Encouraging local people to cycle and walk by setting up sociable group events and publicising them well to include all capabilites

4. Forging new routes for safe access to our countryside

Proposed Cycle Path photo shoot (21.06.14)

A big thank you to all those who turned out Saturday morning at the NDAC for the photo shoot and to Johnny Hathaway for this beautiful shot, and the South Wales Argus Photographer. Here we are accompanied by the Tidenham and Sedbury Cubs and Scouts group who have kindly offered to clear the first section of the path to the Diving Centre. We also had an honorary visit from the organiser of the Two Tunnels Bath Project who had walked from Tutshill.



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